About WonderChunk

Founded 2011 as a duo, WonderChunk has evolved into a
five-piece premier band specializing in Legendary Guitar
Rock.  They bring an audience to the intersection of passion and talent. Performing  in the Northeast region of PA and beyond, WonderChunk’s singular pursuit is to make every show the best it can be.


Ben Gebhart – Drums

“The rhythmic heart of WonderChunk, Ben’s
consistent and precise drum chops ignites the pulse and beat from
rock’s most icon songs.  In his early days, Ben
performed and recorded with local bands in and around
Bloomsburg until he took a several year hiatus from music.
If a book was composed about his ability to keep time, it would be called the Meteronomicon and kept in a well guarded vault –  it is that precise and measured. Joining WonderChunk in 2013 and with that, he helped forge the
nucleus of truly special and unique musical act”

Randy Moyer – guitar & vocals

“The musical guru with a keen talent for instrument and
vocal arrangements that sets WonderChunk apart from other
contemporary bands.  Randy co-founded WonderChunk in
2011.  Along with his tight sense of timing and rock solid
guitar chops, Randy is a talented singer.  Now retired from
a career as teacher, Randy is always ready to rock.”

 Eddie Ramirez – guitar & vocals

“Close your eyes and listen close…is it Jimmy Page?
or David Gilmour? or Jimi Hendrix…?  Open your eyes
and see that it is Eddie Ramirez copping all the riffs from
the biggest guitar legends.  A musician of exceptional
talent, Eddie has also rebuilt and completely customized his
guitars and continuously works to perfect his tones.  Eddie
joined WonderChunk in 2015 and brings all the sizzle you
expect and then some more on top of that.”

Shannon Halteman – vocals & percussion

“A true talent, Shannon has a tremendous vocal range
and a unique and raspy voice that wins over new fans after
every performance.  Her musical career began when she sang
with her daddy’s blue grass band when she was five years old.  This gem is well know in the Williamsport area and when she agreed to join
WonderChunk in 2016, the repertoire and the popularity of
the band vastly expanded.”

Jonny Vegas – bass guitar & vocals

“Big Hair…Big Smile…Big Green Bass…this native of Colorado helped start WonderChunk in 2011.   His mellow baritone ranges from smooth to deep growl seemingly without effort.  He is also known to tell supremely hilarious jokes from time to time”